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Who are we?

We are a group of Independent freelancers from multiple domains like Data Science, Web Development, Academics, Statistics Mathematics etc.

We help our clients to develop strategies based on ANOVA, multi regression analysis, structured equation modeling, etc. as quickly as possible, without skimping on the details. Not just minimum viable.


Statistical modelling

In this era of Big Data we encompass the full spectrum of problem identification, formulation, modelling. Solutions are developed on existing modelling tools and statistical programming libraries (e.g. R and Python)

Content writing

Reader-friendly, free-flowing, informative content written in simple, lucid English which reduces the reading time. The following domains are served: (1) Actuarial Science (2)Statistics (3)Data Science


Providing analytical business solutions With the Help of machine learning Models and AI. We are committed to analyze sports data for professional teams & Individuals. Our services includes the development of predictive models, analytical metrics and utilizing multiple data sources.

Data Science

We help our clients solve the toughest data challenges. Our Data Science service enables organizations to: Develop customized statistical models and algorithms, Generate and deploy Machine Learning and Deep learning algorithm in real time.

Academic Support

Stuck with your Statistics project of Homework? Don't worry. We have got you covered. Hire an Expert to solve your queries personally or get high quality solutions from Expert statisticians.

Web Design

Need a new website for showing your online presence? Want to Build your personal CV website? Don't worry we have web developers to do the work for you. Contact us with your queries.


Need personalized help? Contact us to hire an expert.

Recent Works

  1.  Ranking Algorithm creation for mobile application about Hyper-social network  Revidly with the help of Recommendation system and Hierarchical ranking.
  2. Movie promotion suggestions based on IMDB Movie data Analysis to Revidly.
  3. Fake news Detection algorithm creation with Citispotter.
  1. Writing academic articles related to Statistics for Logiccirle.
  2. Partnered with Trivium to provide high quality Academic contents.
  3. Providing academic experts to Mathpresso.

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